Press release: GOLLER Systems expands

This Austrian company, an established development partner and full-service supplier of plastic components for the medical, pharmaceutical and optical industry is expanding its business activities.

The owner-operated enterprise, based in Klosterneuburg, by Vienna in Austria, will maintain its focus on developing and realising complex and customised system solutions, while expanding its portfolio to include a broader range of services. From the customer’s first idea to serial production and beyond, GOLLER Systems is now in a position to offer an extended scope of functions for their customer: starting with (re)design and construction to serial production and logistics.

This development is mirrored by the extension of the company name and the re-launch of its corporate design:

GOLLER Systems – from vision to realisation

The customer’s vision is centre stage. The customer has the vision – the single steps from development to feasibility checks and simulation to the actual realisation are all handled by GOLLER Systems. The resulting benefits for the customer are clear:

  • Optimised usage of resources
  • Time saving by design for manufacturing
  • Customers can focus on their own core competences
  • Customers have a partner with corresponding core competences

In order to get the most from these benefits, it is important that GOLLER Systems is able to work with their customer right from the word “go”, i.e. at the point of idea generation, respectively in the first phase of product development.

„Constant development while focussing on our core competences, healthy growth and trendsetting innovations are important for us as development partner and systems supplier“ CTO Chief Technical Officer, Friedrich Pipelka, confirms the company’s strategy. „According to our slogan ‚Your future today’ we aim to continue and expand our successful cooperation with international research institutes in various projects for diagnostics, the pharmaceutical and medical industries.“

Medical devices, optical systems as well as plastic components of standard and high complexity remain in the current product portfolio. All are manufactured at the production site in Klosterneuburg, which is equipped with state-of-the-art injection moulding and a cleanroom production, class 7 (EN ISO 14644). Production is run according to GMP standards and all necessary qualifications prove the high quality level.

„Our committed, dynamic team combines competence and experience with passion, innovation and a pioneering spirit,“ Edith Pipelka, General Manager and daughter of the company’s founder, is proud to state.

In order to satisfy the versatile and individual customer requirements, the experienced team at GOLLER Systems has been enlarged, with specialised areas being added to the organisation: experts in biomedicine as well as a marketing & sales department are now at the customer’s disposal.

Friedrich Pipelka emphasises the strategy of GOLLER Systems: “We welcome the chance to take on challenging and complex projects and look forward to a successful cooperation with our customers, based on our motto as full-service-supplier of customised system solutions: From idea to serial production and beyond – everything in one hand!“

About GOLLER Systems – Hubertus Goller GesmbH

The company based in Klosterneuburg, Lower Austria (on the outskirts of Vienna), has approx. 60 employees and was founded more than 60 years ago by its name sponsor Hubertus Goller. Since then enterprise has remained owner-operated, always combining tradition and vision.

Injection moulding and cleanroom production are the base for the broad range of services offered by GOLLER Systems. Pioneer work such as lip balm sticks or dosage pumps were originated by the company that has specialised in the fields of diagnostics as well as in the pharmaceutical and medical industry since 1990.

The range of products and services comprises the development and production of plastic components and complex system solutions (incl. the realisation and management of connected processes). The diverse competences of the committed team combine know-how in design and construction, simulation, prototyping, injection moulding and cleanroom production.

An integrated comprehensive quality system system ensures the compliance to all relevant legal requirements and regulations.

GOLLER Systems focuses on customer satisfaction, reliability and customised system solutions: from vision to realisation!


Mag.(FH) Anna Egger-Piskernik, MBA
Head of Marketing & Sales
Donaustraße 110, A-3400 Klosterneuburg
Tel.+43 (0) 2243 / 328 30-75

GOLLER Systems - from vision to realisation